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David J. Yang, Co-Founder, Advisor

David is a college student at Washington University and attended Walnut High School. He was a USA Biology Olympiad Finalist as well as winner of multiple medals at State Science Olympiad competitions. He loves music and wants to be a doctor.

Derek Wang, Co-Founder, Advisor

Derek is a college student at Johns Hopkins University and attended Troy High School in Fullerton, California. He is a 2-time Semifinalist in the USA Biology Olympiad and a gold winner in the British Biology Olympiad. He coached a middle school team to win the Cal State LA Regionals and reach the Nationals in 2019. He tutored homeless kids in Tutors on Wheels.

Luke Zhou, Co-Founder, Advisor

Luke is a college student at CalTech and attended Diamond Bar High School in Diamond Bar, California. He is a gold winner in the British Biology Olympiad. He is also an actor with many commercials and educational films to his credit.

Edmond You, Co-Founder, President

Edmond is a Senior at Diamond Bar High School in Diamond Bar, California. He is a Semifinalist in the USA Biology Olympiad and a gold winner in the British Biology Olympiad. He coached the Canyon Hills Science Bowl team to a 3rd place finish at the Science Bowl Regionals in 2019, and now coaches the Chaparral Science Bowl team. He is a member of the Future Business Leaders of America and UNICEF.

Anuj Patel

Anuj is a Freshman at Troy High School, Fullerton, California. He was a Semifinalist in the Nation Science Bowl and 2nd-place winner in the regional MathCounts competition. He has previously coached elementary school Science Olympiad teams, and currently coaches the Canyon Hills 2020 National Science Bowl team. He was a member of a regionally qualified debate team, AFA CyberPatriot team, and president of the middle school Honors Society.

John Han

John is a Freshman at Diamond Bar High School, Diamond Bar, California. John is passionately interested in biology and math. His goal is to help people strive for perfection and see that science and math are really fun and easy to get the hang of. He has previously competed in National Biology Bowl and have reached 6th place in the MathCounts competition in regionals. 


Bella Lu

BellaBella Liu is a freshman at Troy High School in Southern California. In 2019, she was captain of the Suzanne Science Bowl team and now helps coach her former team members and their new teammates. She had the honor of being part of Suzanne's victory at Cal State Los Angeles Regionals and going to the National Science Bowl with her team, where they achieved third place within their division. She also qualified for USABO Semifinals as an eighth grader. She holds three years of experience in Science Olympiad and one in MathCounts. In eighth grade, at the Southern California State Science Olympiad, she earned three gold medals in Water Quality, Potions and Poisons, and Crime Busters. She has long had a burning curiosity about science and the way the world works, and how that knowledge can be transformed into something that benefits everyone. She hopes to spread this curiosity and promote females in science and math.


Ruby Wu

Ruby is a Sophomore at Diamond Bar High School, Diamond Bar, California. She is the #1-ranked student in 10th grade. She is currently taking high school Biology and Chemistry classes and she enjoys learning about science. She coaches the Chaparral Middle School girls' Science Bowl and Biology Bowl teams. She competed in the MathCounts Chapter and State competitions as a middle school student. 


Eileen Zu

Eileen is a Junior at Diamond Bar High School in Diamond Bar, California. As captain of Diamond Bar’s Science Olympiad and Science Bowl teams, she has studied the sciences extensively throughout the years and has earned multiple medals at the regional and state levels for Science Olympiad. She is a gold winner in British Biology Olympiad and currently coaches Chaparral’s Biology Bowl team.


Aniyah Shen

Aniyah is a sophomore at University High School in Irvine, California. She coaches the Rancho Middle School Biology Bowl Team and Science Olympiad Team. She is a USA Biology Olympiad Semifinalist, gold winner in the British Biology Olympiad, and alumni of the Top 300 Broadcom MASTERS Program. As publicist of the Uni Science Club and a valuable member of the Science Olympiad team, she has won many medals at various competitions in life and chemical science events. She is Vice President of her school's Biology Club, a member of the Uni Science Bowl training team, and an experienced participant of Science Fair. She loves science because it enables her to gain a deeper understanding of the natural world she finds so fascinating, and she hopes her passion will inspire others to pursue STEM as well. In her free time, she loves reading, writing/watching poetry, long-distance running, and spending time in nature.


Alyssa Wu

Alyssa is currently a senior attending Diamond Bar High School. She was part of the school's Science Olympiad team during the 2020-2021 school year, earning medals in both SO Southern CA Regionals and States competitions. As someone with a passionate interest towards science, she is also president of her school's Imagiscience club. Furthermore, because of her past participation in the USABO exam, she is a member of the officer board of the DBHS USABO club. She is a silver winner of the British Biology Olympiad and has coached the Chaparral Biology Bowl team. 


Elsa Xu

Elsa Xu is a senior at Santa Margarita Catholic High School, Rancho Santa Margarita, Southern California. In 2019, she competed in the British Biology Olympiad and won a silver medal. She helped with coaching National Biology Bowl teams and running the competition as a volunteer in the past years. Currently, she is coaching another competition team. Elsa is a student passionate in all types of sciences, biology and astronomy being the most typical examples. She has built a STEM club at her own high school to inspire and gather students who want to explore further in the ocean of sciences. 

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